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of nature

Connecting to Nature

We always feel restored and rejuvenated after spending time in nature; and we believe that good city planning has to incorporate and support natural systems within the urban fabric. And now there’s research to prove something that we all know instinctively, that access to nature is critical to human wellbeing – take a look at this article by Oliver Burkeman here.

in The Guardian in which he states that research shows that if one can’t get into a natural environment, even looking at photographs of it has physiological and psychological benefits. Views out of a window or even having pot plants on your desk and natural daylight flooding your office have similar benefits. He reports that patients in hospitals with a view of the outdoors get discharged earlier than those with no views, and call centre workers are 6-12 percent more productive if they have a view of vegetation. One line of thought credits these benefits to ‘Biophilia’, which was put forward by E.O. Wilson as ‘the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms. Life around us exceeds in complexity and beauty anything else humanity is ever likely to encounter (E.O. Wilson, 1984. Biophilia: The Human Bond with Other Species. Cambridge: Harvard University Press).