Services Urban Lab Practice, Learning and Training

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi


MCA has been involved in developing and running a number of training courses for our peers in the public and private sector. For example, MCA, in conjunction with UCT, the PG:WC Department of Education, and the Department of Local Government and Housing, ran a two week (10 day) training course for Project Consolidate municipalities in the Western Cape during May/June 2006. The course aimed to provide municipal officials and councillors with training in the implementation of the integrated human settlements concept. The course proved to be highly successful. Subsequently, MCA was appointed to develop a course, based largely on the above mentioned course, and presented it to relevant housing officials from the City of Cape Town. In addition, Matt, with his involvement in Treasury’s Technical Assistance Unit, established and ran the Provincial Learning Network (PLN) which has proved highly valuable. In an evaluation, 90% of participants said that it had improved their productivity.

We have also developed and presented a number of Masterclasses to our fellow SAPI members in Cape Town.