Services Spatial Planning Land Use and Growth Management

“City growth has caused climate change, but that growth is also what’s going to get us out of it.”
~ Matthew Kahn, UCLA economist, 2012

This service offered by MCA encompasses a range of elements. Firstly, MCA has wide-ranging experience in formulating entire zoning schemes (including the accompanying zoning map) and land use management systems for various municipalities and district municipalities. In addition we have prepared guidelines around these systems for assessing land use applications.

Secondly, MCA undertakes a number of land use applications, such as rezonings, subdivisions and land use departures. Preceding this process, MCA can provide clients with a thorough feasibility assessment on the zoning of a particular property and the rights that would influence possible future land uses.

The third aspect of this service involves land use growth management. Examples of this range of work include the formulation of guidelines dealing with the growth patterns and management of specific types of land uses, such as golf courses.