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“An ordered environment . . . gives the individual a possibility of choice and a starting point for the acquisition of further information. A clear image of the surroundings is thus a useful basis for individual growth.”

~ Kevin Lynch, The Image of a City, 1960


MCA has worked on a number of Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs), across scales for local and district municipalities. SDFs produced by MCA reflect a strong statement regarding the future spatial pattern of development in that particular area based on solid underlying sustainable development principles that will play a key role in influencing patterns of spending across line functions as well as ensuring considered land use management decisions to enhance the uniqueness and diversity of such regions and/or towns.

Apart from developing spatial frameworks guiding action at the regional, sub-regional and town level, MCA has also formulated precinct plans and spatial strategies for local areas. Spatial strategies at this level have often required MCA to link it to the compilation of an urban renewal business plan for these local areas/nodes.